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  1. Sean Duffy
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    Nice post – thanks!

    There is also apparently a problem with upgrading to vCenter 5 when using ESX 4 update 2 hosts. I am busy going through this process myself with a particular vCenter / ESX cluster, and have made sure to upgrade the ESX 4 hosts to update 4 to avoid this! The compatibility matrix at least shows the correct info (i.e. ESX 4 update 2 hosts not being compatible with vCenter 5). If you check update 1, 3 and 4 they all show as compatible except of course update 2!


  2. Rotem Agmon
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    Here is the KB:

    ESXi 4.0 hosts may experience a purple screen after vCenter Server is upgraded to 5.0


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  5. Rotem Agmon
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    Issue with vSphere ESXi 4.0 hosts has been resolved in vCenter Server 5.0 Update 1:

    From the release notes(http://www.vmware.com/support/vsphere5/doc/vsp_vc50_u1_rel_notes.html):

    ESX 4.0 hosts with certain build numbers cannot be managed by vCenter 5.0
    A purple screen of death (PSOD) may occur on hosts running ESXi 4.0 releases between Patch03 (build 219382) and Patch09 (build 360236).This occurs when the host is being managed by vCenter 5.0 in a cluster with HA enabled and VPXA agent gets reinstalled on the host e.g. if the host was removed and re-added into the vCenter inventory. With this fix, hosts are allowed to be managed by vCenter and the ESX 4.0 hosts does not PSOD.
    This issue is resolved in this release.

    Issue with ESXi 4.1 RTM (Build 260247) has yet to be resolved…

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