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  1. VirtuallyMikeB
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    Hey Chris,

    Big fan of the Wahl Network, man – I subscribe, but usually only for the GIFs. Keep’em coming!

    I know you’re a fan of Ivan Pepelnjak’s ipSpace.net (formerly IOShints.net), so I’d thought I’d highlight a topic you touched on in today’s article regarding including BPDU Guard on ESX/ESXi host-facing ports.


    Most of Ivan’s topics are over my head, but I’m a huge fan of his work, including his contributions to PacketPushers.net. Those guys are absolutely brilliant, and VMware dudes need to follow their work. Our scope of work is ever-overlapping with the networker’s that we need to at least be able to speak intelligently on many of the topics covered in blogs like IOShints.info and PacketPushers.net.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add thier links to this comment:


    All the best!

    Mike Brown


  2. d_
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    Ha! I just did this last night.

    It’s amazing how many people want to have 1 nic per vlan.

    Hope this article opens their eyes.

    1. VirtuallyMikeB
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      I’m telling you, you can’t be just a VMware dude these days. If you don’t have a good grasp of networking, you’re missing a chunk of the picture, not to mention storage!. Down with silos! Up with the well-rounded virtualization dudes!

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