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  2. Stacy
    Stacy at |

    Was able to do this successfully with the August 2012 SPP. However, for some reason when trying to use the October 2012 SPP to update the iLO interfaces this way on any of our enclosures we keep getting “Unable to retrieve a valid iLO3 firmware image. Check file path and login credentials.” in the error log. The iLO interfaces are discovered just fine after adding the OA credentials, but the iLO updates don’t apply successfully (OA and VC updates apply successfully). Anyone else run into this or is it just us?
    Calling up HP has not been very helpful, since they never seem to be familiar with this particular process for updating an enclosure.
    Regardless – We still have to boot one blade at a time from the SPP, since the blades do not have any hypervisor/OS installed and the other blade firmware (ROM, HBAs/nics) needs to be updated.

    1. Peter
      Peter at |

      Same here, OA en VC where updated, but no ILO. ILO directly through Windows 2008r2 updates with no problem. Maybe try with the old august SPP and live load extra ILO firmware? HP support send me this page . . . .

  3. Stacy
    Stacy at |

    I opened a case with HP and spoke with level 2 support. Was told this is a known issue affecting iLO3 and iLO4. They said they should have a public advisory out for it soon, and eventually a fix. In the meantime, have just been updating the iLO firmware in the iLO interfaces themselves via the .bin file when we have issues. To update an entire enclosure, I’ve recently had success with a combo approach: Use HP SUM from desktop to update OAs and VCs. Then use the “Enclosure Firmware Management” feature to update all firmware on blades.

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  5. Stacy
    Stacy at |

    Here is something else I stumbled across recently, in case anyone else runs into it – Noticed that I could no longer discover the VC Manager for any of my enclosures via the OA IP address using HP SUM (it would discover the iLO interfaces, FC Switches, but no longer the VC Mgr). Could still add the VCs as a separate target. It appears this is related to enabling the optional “Virtual Connect Domain IP Address”. If the VC Domain IP is disabled, I can discover VC Mgr via the OA again.

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  7. Satish P
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    Appreciate your help in helping people technically…


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