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  1. Ed Grigson
    Ed Grigson at |

    Have you tried using LACP now that vSphere 5.1 supports it? Not necessarily much use in a lab environment but worth a mention.

  2. Using LACP with a vSphere Distributed Switch 5.1 | Wahl Network

    […] type. For instructions on how to create a static EtherChannel, you can refer to this video “Creating a Link Aggregation Group for a vSphere Lab” that I posted a while […]

  3. Danny
    Danny at |

    What kind of throughput have you seen with LACP?

  4. Scott
    Scott at |

    Chris, how noisy is the fan on a v1910-24g? Looking for a new switch for my home lab but needs to be very, very quiet, and have been looking at either a v1910 (better switch but fan) vs v1810 (less capable but fanless)


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