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  1. Gabi
    Gabi at |

    Excellent read.

    We are currently testing a 2411 too, but not running the test you are.

    It’s an excellent box, runs very well with the WD Red drives, not had any issues, with the SSD’s I can only presume they are superb.



  2. Andrey Korotkov
    Andrey Korotkov at |

    Hello, i’ve recently started to read your blog and want to say thank you for all cool articles you’ve posted.
    I have a question why did you chose Synology and not entry level NetApp solution which promo-bundle prices starts fom 4K USD with harddrives

  3. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    Nice piece…I actually picked up a DS1512+ for my lab. I have two pools, 1 w/3 2TB SATA drive (NFS) and 2/256 SSDs. (iSCSI) Looking at adding on the DX513 and loading that with SSD’s that way I have space for my personal data plus plenty of speed for the lab.

  4. Stavi
    Stavi at |

    I was wondering how to find VAAI capabilities of a LUN via CLI as shown in the text. So did a quick search:


    For those of you who are interrested 🙂

  5. wikimee
    wikimee at |

    I am looking to setup whitebox with all non-self-garbage-collection SSDs as well. Here are my choices:
    1. Hardware RAID with SSDs
    Good RAID card pretty expensive, read all over the place that none of major RAID card vendors do not support TRIM yet.
    2. Netapp simulator with VT-d and SSDs
    Need further research on this. Anybody can help to confirm?

    The reason of not choosing Synology (no offense) is due to network bottleneck so the overpriced solution is underutilized. Of course, IO still better than spindles.

    The other reason is, I’m not sure if Synology support TRIM command as well.

    Until ESXi 5.0, TRIM is not supported yet. I’m confused.

  6. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    DSM 4.2. now has iSCSI snapshot feature..time to upgrade.

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