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  1. Rick Robbins
    Rick Robbins at |

    My previous employer was an HP shop and my current employer is a Dell shop. To be completely honest, the current impact HP has on me is not a good one since my home lab server is an HP DL360 G3 and is hardly compatible with anything. On the bright side, the rig you are giving away would make a nice virtualization environment using VM Workstation.

  2. Sean Duffy
    Sean Duffy at |

    I use a few HP products for my work lab environment. Storage is provided by an HP P2000 G3 MSA array (fibre channel!), whilst the compute is handled by a C7000 blade chassis (recently upgraded from a C3000) – that was a heavy lift! The C7000 is not completely populated yet, but the 7 or 8 blades in there are doing a sterling job, and the storage is super fast for VM provisioning (VAAI support). Must say I am quite happy with this environment. Pics or GTFO? Here is the P2000 and the C7000 chassis with blades – https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1230453/HPlabkit/photo.JPG & https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1230453/HPlabkit/photo1.JPG

  3. Chuckflarhu
    Chuckflarhu at |

    Currently using an EVA 4400 with 8 enclosures at 2 sites. Been good to us but now looking for a refresh. Can’t wait to see what HP Storage has in store.

  4. Milcah
    Milcah at |

    HP creates the products that we most turn to when it comes to getting down to business and feel most comfortable using at this time. Being that we have young children, it’s what they’re growing up with and therefore what they are familiar with, much like myself growing up. When my hubby was looking for a solution in a laptop that could provide the speed he needed when ustreaming, he bought a competitor’s brand, but shortly after returned it because he found an HP with specs that were more desirable and fit his needs better. HP just offers the solutions we need to handle our simple and even sometimes complex computer needs.

    1. Milcah
      Milcah at |

      Forgot to mention that I tweeted as well: https://twitter.com/mommasreviews/status/270746391620509697

  5. Subramani
    Subramani at |

    The HP approach of building IT solutions for global community through internal innovations and timely acquisition simply makes HP the best player in providing the right and innovative products/solutions. The acquisition of 3PAR, Autonomy is the best example on how HP positioned itself in becoming the top player in the space of storgae/cloud solutions.

  6. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Only this year did we decommission our HP Compaq MSA8000 & our BL20p G2/G3 blades. The MSA8000 was still going when the EVA4400 it was replaced with, was replaced itself with an EVA8400.

    Budgets aren’t kind to the IT department here, so just as well the HP/Compaq gear runs for a long time.

    Here’s the MSA8000 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54246150/IMG_3743.JPG

  7. Tony Coffman
    Tony Coffman at |

    HP makes some awesome enterprise hardware. Looking forward to whatever they announce.

    I’ve spent many nights in datacenters and the Proliants were always there to keep me company 🙂

  8. @HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito
    @HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito at |

    Hey Chris – thanks for defending the Idaho Spuds! I’ll be sure to bring a stash to Frankfurt (though I do think the German chocolates are better). And thanks for the kind words and links to my blog!

    Andrew – love hearing stories like yours. I had an Australian channel partner send me pictures of a Gen 1 ProLiant that their customer had just retired. Ended up doing a blog post about it and the number of customers who left comments like “only had to replace a fan” or the like was amazing.

    Chuckflarhu – I’ve been with HP since 1983 and have been involved with storage the whole time, actually moving into HP Storage in 1990. I’ve never been more excited about what we’ll be announcing than now. I can truly say that we we have will live up to the hype. If you aren’t coming to HP Discover, be sure to register for the announcement on our website. Chris has a link to it in his blog post where his text says, “surprise storage announcement”.

  9. Pietro Piutti
    Pietro Piutti at |

    If I look back at my past years in IT, I can only think HP. I used to be the server guy at my previous employer. Started with DL380 G2s and ended up running an enterprise vSphere environment on the very latest C7000s blade enclosures! Now I’m doing something else, but I’m coming to Discover and I’m looking forward to check where HP is these days!

  10. Jon
    Jon at |

    HP has been my preferred vendor for many years. The server platform is so reliable and the support fantastic.

  11. Josh
    Josh at |

    HP has really impressed me over the last 24 months. I did some datacenter management design work about 5 years ago with all Dell products and then got out of the industry for 3 years. When I came back, starting a new job, I inherited about 25 dell servers and about 40 G4p-G7 Proliant servers. My first personal goal was to dump all the HPs and go with more dells but once seeing the incredible strides HP had made, I am a fan. We currently have about 45 G6-G7 HPs connected to a Isilon X200 system and I could not be more happy with the results. We virtualized about 900 VMs at the moment, and “everything” feels like it is running on its own SSD drive.

    TL;DR – HP really stepped up its game and I will not buy anything else.

  12. Joseph Pratt
    Joseph Pratt at |

    I don’t utilise any HP storage right now but I cant wait to see what HP has up it’s sleeves! At the moment the only HP product I use is an HP Pavilion desktop. It’s a great product and has lasted me many years now.

  13. Stephanie G
    Stephanie G at |

    I have an HP Pavillion desktop computer. I love HP. I have owned several products, and am currently getting ready to use HP products for my small business of consulting. On a side note, My 5 year old daughter tells people she has “HEP” because she is learning to read and doesn’t know it is “H” “P”…haha…She tells everyone that. 🙂

  14. Chad Syner
    Chad Syner at |

    Personally I love up, from there Proliant virtual hosts to there consumer products (I have touchsmart all in one, dv6 laptop, and touchpad) seems like their products are better cared for than other PC makers. I plan on visting the HP Discover to find more out their upcoming products

  15. sundene
    sundene at |

    Tweeted your article out to my peeps 11.28.12 5:55 p.m. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Alexandru
    Alexandru at |

    HP products are my favorites. I built a big server room on my first job about 10 years ago. That was a big 6 millions project. Spent nights configuring all servers and storage appliances. Second job we got couple HP workstations for sysadmins… Nice, powerful and very quiet hardware…
    Third job in love of HP stable hardware I upgraded company’s server room to everything from HP. To be honest.. wasn’t easy to get a budget for that, but I’m proud of myself. They never have troubles since upgrade =)
    Now I have my personal laptop HP ElliteBook with a 3G modem inside and I can manage my server room remotely drinking coffee at Starbucks or in train. And it’s so easy… Why do I need to go to work if I manage HP products remotely?… Good idea to ask my boss for this opportunity =)


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