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  1. Sean Duffy
    Sean Duffy at |

    I’ve always used IP addressing to mount my NFS datastores – however this has always been in the lab environment, as production I’ve predominantly used FC storage in the past. In other cases where I have used NFS it has been for mounting archiving/ISO datastores and again there I have used IPs. This article was a good read because it has made me think about the way I mount datastores in future and the use cases for IP vs. DNS entries being used…

  2. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    In small environments where you can get away with it a bit more I will use IP, however in my work / production environments I will always DNS, and always , always use only FQDN. I see waaaay to many people say yes DNS and then actually just refer to something via hostname/short name and then wonder why it doesn’t work.


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