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  1. Successfully Installing vCenter SSO Part 1 – SQL Database via @ChrisWahl | Wahl Network

    […] If you’ve already completed this section on SSO Database creation and configuration, move on to Part 2 which covers the service installation. […]

  2. JeffSt
    JeffSt at |

    great articles!
    any idea what the best setup would be for SSO in a SRM environment?
    Things i’ve read still confuse me.
    Multi-site SSO setup is not meant to be used for SSO high availability (this is what i’ve concluded so far), but what is a good setup for a dual site SRM setup?

  3. Graham Mitchell
    Graham Mitchell at |

    Just a note, this WILL shut down the vCenter Server service, as well as the Profile Driven Storage service. It’s not overly clear from the docs that it will do that,but I guess it’s understandable.

    Just be aware if you’re installing SSO prior to upgrading when you’re still running 5.0 (and probably 4.1).


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