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  1. Preetam
    Preetam at |

    I’m as excited to read this book as you are. It is one of the best books to read especially if you’re dealing with design day-in & out. However before I buy the book I see different places different prices. Amazon shows kindle price as 45.99, while the publisher shows DRM enabled price 32.99. I will wait and watch before to grab the right deal.

  2. Lior Kamrat
    Lior Kamrat at |

    Hi Chris,
    I have this book on my wish list for a while now as i’m planning to take the DCD cert early June.
    I have the first edition of this one and I found it very very useful! For us, VMware geeks it a must have.
    I am most curious about Chapter 12 and the VCD stuff and also want to see what those guys have to say about SSO in terms of designing VMware environments.
    SSO is one of those components that I feel VMware didn’t do such a good work with in my opinion, I hope the security section in the book will address it.

  3. Amy Manley
    Amy Manley at |

    Interesting that the kindle price is higher. Definitely a must have though!


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