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  1. Rich
    Rich at |

    I have worked with the emulator a bit myself. It seems as though it has very limited capabilities.

  2. John
    John at |

    Now that’s 20% cooler

  3. Xurious
    Xurious at |

    Excellent site! I’ve learned a lot here.

    However, are you a Brony? Or confusing Rainbow Dash for a Pokemon?

  4. The CCNA Data Center Exams - My Experience

    […] The Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (UCS PE) – Most of us do not have a Cisco UCS blade / rack environment sitting in our home lab. Even if you have one at work, chances are good that it’s sitting in production and won’t be something you can kick the tires with. Enter the UCS PE. It’s a small sized virtual machine that lets you get your hands dirty with Cisco UCS. It’s imperative that you get some stick time with this bad boy to set up your Fabric Interconnects, set port types, build blades, build rack servers, and check out the finite state machine. […]

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