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  1. Randy
    Randy at |

    Hi Chris,

    Nice piece. I’m doing an eval of Proximal Data’s Autocache and I’m curious how it compares to FlashSoft. Do you have some info on that?



    1. Thom Snyder
      Thom Snyder at |

      Hi Randy,
      Disclaimer: I work for SanDisk and the FlashSoft products and have been through a few evaluations where we competed with Proximal. There’s similarities and there’s key differences, but I would urge you to run your own tests. We can give you 30-60 day license key and even a loaner SSD if you don’t have access to one. My number is 609-714-0333 (NJ) if you wish to trial our software.

      Thank you,

      Thom Snyder
      Area Director, Eastern US, Canada & Federal Sales

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