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  1. Gabriel Chapman
    Gabriel Chapman at |

    As my homelab continues to grow, so does my electricity bill 🙁 but I do value having a the separate management cluster, it also dovetails into the fact that I see a lot of companies doing this internally as well.

    Oh and regarding VMTN, I thought Mike had basically said its not gonna happen. Bummer.

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    All very excellent points on the merits of a management cluster in the home lab. In my lab I have a VMware cluster running management VMs for my Hyper-V cluster and vice versa. 🙂 Then I get to work with both products and experience the benefits of separating management from the infrastructure they manage.

  3. John P.
    John P. at |

    Great article. I have an HP Proliant ML110 and 4 Dell CS24-SC rack servers in my lab. After reading this I’m considering reserving the ML110 for management only. But I have some concerns..

    SQL and vCenter (windows install, not the appliance) are running on one of the Dell CS24-SC servers (2x Quad Xeon 2.5ghz, 40gigs of ram). vCenter has been given 1 vCPU and 6 gigs of ram. When it is powered on it takes about 5 minutes to get to the point where I can finally connect to it. Monitoring the performance tab during startup, CPU usage spikes a lot, with peaking at 100% for a minute or two a couple times.

    The ML110 has an Intel i3 processor and 16 gigs of ram, maybe more, can’t remember at the moment. You’re using the HP MicroServer which I think it slower than the ML110. Do you see any performance issues running all that on one Microserver with 16 gigs ram? If I were to move SQL and vCenter there (it already runs my single DC), I think I’d run into performance issues. Any thoughts? Any tips on tweaking the management VMs to fully utilize that hardware instead of just assigning vCPUs and X amount of RAM to each one?

    Thanks again for all your articles! They’re helping me tons!

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  5. john w
    john w at |

    just FYI to anyone reading, TechNet is going away 🙁

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  7. S. Wallace
    S. Wallace at |


    I have read your post here several times and I am wondering why you would have 2 DCs; 1 for Mgmt and 1 for Labs. Is one the PDC and the other a backup PDC, or are they both separate domains?


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