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  1. Mike Brown
    Mike Brown at |

    Hey Chris,

    Excellent post – thanks for having Clippy on to clear things up.

    It sounds like SDN is more of a state of networking rather than any single product. In other words, SDN is an end-state of networking that transcends layers, both physical and virtual, or rather works across these layers to reach such a policy-driven state of networking.

    All the best,


  2. Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson at |

    Nicely done. Your post does to the explanation of SDN what I hope SDN will do to the network…help simplify.

    Again great job.

  3. Bonnie Bauder
    Bonnie Bauder at |

    Comment from one of our network admins when I sent this link to him: “Clearest and simplest description I’ve heard. Makes sense. Thanks.” I would agree. Thanks for the post.

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