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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    This is awesome news Chris! I was wondering if Pluralsight would be tackling these exams. I will be looking out for these, for sure.

  2. Robert
    Robert at |

    any idea on a release date for the CCNA Data Center course on TrainSignal … I’d rather not go with CBT Nuggets, but I need to get this going and my CCNA completed in the next two months.

  3. Edmonton VMUG October Update | vNetWise

    […] http://wahlnetwork.com/2013/09/22/ccna-data-center-exams-experience/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_m… Chris Wahl recently blogged on his experience with the exams. If anyone else is looking at these in the next 6 months, let me know – I’d be interested in a study partner. Especially if they have more Cisco experience than I.  (What can I say, I’m a user too, I have needs and wants too! ) […]

  4. Dzmitryj Jakavuk
    Dzmitryj Jakavuk at |

    Are there any news regarding 640-916 preparation training on trainsignal?

  5. Paul Armenakis
    Paul Armenakis at |

    Hey Chris, from a value perspective how important would you say this certification is compared to the CCNA routing and switching? I’m a VMWare/storage guy much more than Networking, but I know I should really get my hands dirty with some networking tech.

    I feel like the UCS portion (though I haven’t worked with it outside of UCSPE) and other more “datacenter-focused” technologies would be more beneficial for someone like me (who isn’t going to be a fulltime network admin at anypoint in the foreseeable future) than the full blown routing and switching. That said, I’m concerned that the CCNA Datacenter won’t look as good from a career aspect as the gold standard Routing and Switching.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Luke Fraczek
    Luke Fraczek at |


    I took and passed these exams on Jan 7th and just got my cert yesterday. I
    found these exams fairly easy. I have already got CCNA RS so 640-911 was a breeze. I feel like if you have a valid CCNA RS then this exam should be waived (it is $250 !!!)…
    I did a minimal amount of prep for 640-916, I looked through the blue print and did some reading about vPCs, TRILL aka FabricPath and OTV.

  7. William Choi
    William Choi at |

    I am an analyst by nature. Having done some research on CCNA DC before and after passing the 916 (yesterday morning by the way), I saw that many people were complaining about some of the irrelevant questions included in the CCNA DC–whether it’s WAAS or token ring or 10Base2. Having studied the Network+ course prior to studying for the CCNA, I noticed that the Net+ had even more irrelevant questions that only served to confuse me on what is really used today and what isn’t.

    Here’s my conclusion on why the tests are this way:

    1. The test designers ran out of valid questions to include in the exam or because of some other cognitively repressed reason.

    2. They are not only trying to test your ability to study and pass; they are also trying to test your ability to come up with answers, find answers, and research & resolve issues.

    All I know is that I learned to apply and use my research and innovating skills while studying for this exam. Studying and passing is one thing, but being able to research and come up with ways to get the job done is another (in this case, coming up with ways to pass with flying colors). One of my IT instructors said “Class, you need to cheat in this class”. “While you go through the class materials, if you don’t understand something, be sure to look it up on Google and get more clarification”.

    Yesterday, a friend of mine who works at Lockheed told me that he knows someone at his work who had taken a CCNA class but failed the test. So I thought to myself, geez, that class must be about $7k… So this guy isn’t able to study and pass, and he isn’t able to do proper research and get the help he needs to pass. So he couldn’t do either… Now, if I was an owner of an IT firm, would I want to hire someone like this? No way. By the way, I did all my studying using inexpensive online sources.

  8. Mike
    Mike at |

    I work in a major data center, but not daily on cisco equipment since i work with building servers in the data center from scratch along with ensuring all IT equipment are online and operational…so i assume these exams will give me problems?

  9. jalg29
    jalg29 at |

    Thx for the infor

  10. Steven Kunjachan
    Steven Kunjachan at |

    Todd Lammle has introduced the Nexus simulator for hands on practice


  11. Siva
    Siva at |

    I want to know , Is any simulator in CCNA Data center papers ?

  12. johanes
    johanes at |

    Hi, is in exam (640-911) a some labs sim or hotspots or just only questions which you must check? Please share your experiences from examination.

  13. jimi
    jimi at |

    is there any sim lab in 640-916

  14. smmohsen
    smmohsen at |

    Is there anyone planning for CCNA DC, Looking for a study partner.

  15. Zain
    Zain at |

    Latest DUMPS:

  16. Mahesh Chandan
    Mahesh Chandan at |

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