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  1. Marc Crawford
    Marc Crawford at |

    Which version of Android is on it? What about Moto X software? Is it a bunch of bloated software that makes it not feel like an android phone?

  2. Alexandru Hurjui
    Alexandru Hurjui at |

    Battery is still the main thing keeping me from switching to a smartphone. I’m still using an old Nokia E63 because it does it’s job perfectly : 4-5 days of usage with full mail sync, phone usage, wifi connected all the time ( home + work ).

    I’m still waiting for that smartphone that will give me a minimum of 3 days of power usage on it.

  3. Julie K.
    Julie K. at |

    I believe the battery life is something I should be cautious about when buying a new phone. Well, I haven´t been until now. Thank you.


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