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  1. Robert Novak (@gallifreyan)
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    One thing to note is that you can find 802.11ac adapters for laptops fairly cheaply on eBay. Not as convenient for Macs, but most PCs are relatively easy to upgrade (I have one AC card in a Dell E6500 now, will be getting more). I paid $35 shipped for the Intel 7260.HMWG Wireless-AC 7260 card, now they’re $28 with free shipping.

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  5. paulbraren
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    So, did you give the new firmware a shot yet?
    Ver.1.1.42 (Build 161129)
    Word from others seems to be it’s been good so far (about 10 days).

  6. paulbraren
    paulbraren at |

    Agreed, I only upgrade if I have to, and turn off auto-upgrade and was glad I did when I saw some problems on last code revision Version 1.1.42 Build 158863 seemed to have some mixed chatter:

    I have been very stable, for many months since Oct 2013 install, sticking with

    A family member tried a new Nexus 7 in mid May, seems to loose the network connection to the EA6900 sporadically for mysterious reasons, mostly on 5GHz. Once or twice I’ve actually had to reboot the EA6900, but that was mostly impatience with troubleshooting this one device (which connected fine after the reboot).

    Not sure I want to jump in either, watching the forum posts closely. Should issues strike again, I’ll probably dive in, within a month, and let you know if I surved fine (still by far the most stable router I’ve ever owned).

    In other words, I might wind up being your canary in the coal mine 😉

  7. paulbraren
    paulbraren at |

    I also have a family member who has an EA6900, his has been rock solid since install back in December.

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