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  1. Luke F
    Luke F at |

    This is great dude !

  2. Patrick Kremer
    Patrick Kremer at |

    The C#/Web Client fragmentation is extremely frustrating for me and is just another symptom of what I perceive as a serious problem. It seems to me that VMware’s quality has dropped considerably when compared to the 4.x and the 5.0 train. I used to have no concerns about deploying a new VMware version, but I don’t feel that confidence anymore. I now have to follow the “not deploying until SP1” Microsoft model. 5.1 SSO was an abomination. 5.1 vCenter had to go through patch A and B before it was stable.

    Just look at biggest bug fixed by patch B. vSphere is supposed to be an Enterprise hypervisor, yet a user in a multidomain environment who was in more than 19 groups triggered a bug where they could not log in. Most regular users I see in Fortune 500 are in at least 10 groups, and the admins are in dozens. This tells me that VMware isn’t testing using a truly enterprise domain structure.

    1. Chad Barbre
      Chad Barbre at |

      Be it a small but frustrating feature that I feel is missing from the web client but is present in the dated C# client is the ability to easily access “Edit Settings” when using the VM through its console. It becomes a pain to have to jump back a tab, or move your console window around just so you can present an ISO to the guest OS easily.


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