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  1. Eric Wright (@DiscoPosse)
    Eric Wright (@DiscoPosse) at |

    The win for business with the -as-a-Service is really the ability to have as much, or as little as they need on-demand. This is a great analogy Chris!

    And in the style of Chipotle restaurants: guac is extra 🙂

  2. seanpmassey
    seanpmassey at |

    Nachos make a great analogy for knowing your requirements and what you want to accomplish. You may want a plate of nachos, or some other layered food, but if you don’t describe it right, you may end up paying a premium for a little plastic container of stale chips with some EZ-Cheese on the side.

  3. Ivan
    Ivan at |

    It makes less sense in a places with lesser Nachos penetration, so for certain regions you’ll have to coin both 🙂

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