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  1. Alphonse Coleman Jr
    Alphonse Coleman Jr at |

    Nice article Chris!

  2. Rob Nelson
    Rob Nelson at |

    Chris, you can connect to esxi hosts directly and set the startup order with an override. Even though they’re in vcenter it still works. If you move VMs around, the relative order appears to be preserved, though I haven’t done extensive testing with migrations. Not perfect when clustered but pretty helpful for power down situations.

  3. Preetam
    Preetam at |

    Thankful to you for sharing this tip. I will definitely implement it. I like to understand how do you manage power for your Lab. Is your lab On 24×7? how do you save power when it is not in use?

  4. Karl
    Karl at |

    Hi Chris,

    I noticed that your AMP/MGMT cluster only has one host. Whats the purpose of having a cluster configured with only one host, vs a single unclustered host?


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