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  1. Tim
    Tim at |

    Just out of curiosity, since I’m going to be doing this exact thing this weekend, are there any issues in going straight from 2.0.x to 2.2.x? Or is the better/OCD method to go to 2.1.x first, then go to 2.2?

  2. Chris Neale
    Chris Neale at |

    Great article. Had the same issue buy TAC said RMA was the only fix Added weeks to the resolution time. Wish I’d had this.
    Whilst we were downgrading a blade the same thing happened.
    What kind of blade did you see it on? B230m ? B200?

  3. Bobby
    Bobby at |

    Our Customer’s working UCS lost all access to multiple fibre channel storage arrays of different vendors after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2.
    After 3 hours of effort the Cisco support rep was finally able to force a downgrade to 2.1 and access was recovered. Something is either broken in 2.2 or they made a significant change that breaks FCoE to fibre channel paths.

  4. Budi
    Budi at |

    i already upgrade ucs manager and blade and FI to version 2.2, but for ucs c series rack mount,, i try to upgrade like blade, upgrade firmware adapter and cimc, but the version show 4.0 and can’t connect to ucs manager.
    how i can solved it?


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