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  1. jasonboche
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    It’ll be on VMware Certification/Education’s shoulders to keep pace with this schedule in terms of performance and quality. Others may disagree but I’ve never had major issues with exam quality outside of the BETAs. Their performance, on the other hand, appears to fluctuate in cycles. Sometimes they are able to provide VCDX results the following day, and on the other hand VCAP-DCA candidates are waiting 2-4 weeks for their labs to be graded. It seems to depend on the month or time of year.

  2. Petar Marinković
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    My question is, what will be in my case, when I have VCP4 or VCP5. If I go for VCP5 again, or do VCAP5, will I lose VCP4 and only “extend” VCP5, or that one will recertify me for VCP4 again?

    It’s kinda lame that I paid and sat through both courses and exams, and then to lose one just because I don’t wanna re-enroll the exam in next 2 weeks

  3. Alexandru Covaliov (@peposimo)

    I agree with Chris. Version and the limit of the certificate. VMware every time points to Cisco and their certificate expiration period. Looks like somebody from VMware read something from Cisco website and decided to do the same. OK, but why 2 years? Where did they get this limit? Based on what? Do they know that 20% of companies moved to version 5.x and many of them still work on version 4.x.
    Let say, the company uses version 4.x (because they are fine with that and their budget is limited to move to another version) and I have VCP5 as ex. I’m certified in new technologies different from version 4.x. The reason to re-certify if I don’t have field to play with?
    Somebody told me, change the job. It’s time to move further. If the company cannot afford version 5.x, it doesn’t mean they are stuck in technologies, because they have many other interesting projects and version 4.x can afford everything we do.
    Another example? Ok… A company was looking for a VMware specialist with 4-5 years experience. I showed them my certificate in VCP5 and my experience since VMware ESX 2.x and GSX 3.x . They point me to the date I passed the exam saying I did that recently, where are my previous certificates showing I’m specialist in VMware since that moment. I tried to explain them that at that time we had no chance to pass courses and exams. Sorry, but we hire just experienced specialist with certificates showing they have experience in this product for a while. So… if I don’t have VCP3 and 4 I can’t show them I have experience for long time. VCP5 does not show my experience in past. It just show my experience since the moment VMware released version 5, but it can not show I have knowledge in 4 which logically is correct.

    I can give you many examples because I like to work with details where nobody look at. But… re-certify in the same version is weird, change the job just because somebody cannot afford newer version is weird.

  4. wojcieh
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    The only thing which bothers me when we compare VMware and Cisco certification is that Cisco doesn’t force you to go for course in order to pass. VMware does.

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