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  1. Per
    Per at |

    Hi, is it still a 1-1 relationship between vCenter Server and SSO instance. If i point vCenter Server A to SSO siteasso will SSO sitebsso take over the authentication process for vCenter Server A if SSO siteasso becomes unavailable?


  2. Newsletter: April 20, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] I hope that this develops into a series with the other components of vC covered off.  But a very good article to check out if you are going to do something like have two sites for SSO.  BTW here is a little […]

  3. Dan S
    Dan S at |

    Are there geographical limitations for a configuration like this with relation to the distance between the two sites?
    Great article. Thanks for the informative breakdown.

  4. gcanales75
    gcanales75 at |

    Hello Chris, can this be done between SSO’s installed on vCenter Linux Server Appliances?

  5. aditya
    aditya at |

    Hey chris, can sso in mutlisite be installed across two domain having 2way trust

  6. REZ
    REZ at |


    What if you wanted 2 vCenters within the same site? would you select the middle SSO deployment mode option? Other than “add to an existing site”, what else does it do? You mentioned ” islands of SSO instances”, can you elaborate on that?

    Also, I’ve never been able to find what VMware constitutes as a vCenter “Site”. Is it similar to an AD site or just a way to separate location?


  7. Dominic
    Dominic at |

    Good one Chris, I just upgraded from 5.1 to 5.5 and select those options for my vCenters

    Fistt option “vCenter Single Sign-On for your first vCenter Server” for my primary and third one for my Second vCenter(Siteb)

    When the vCenter(SiteA) is down… I cant login in my second SiteB vCenter using my AD credential event with [email protected] ?

    any ideas ?

  8. Dominic
    Dominic at |

    Yeah That is what I saw.. using ssolscli command is listing me a lot of registered services and seems to point on bad Name..

    Thx much appreciated !!

  9. Adnan Wali
    Adnan Wali at |

    Hello – I have one vCenter 5.5U3 on primary datacenter managing 3 datacenters. We do cold vmotion of vm between datacenters sometimes. issue is that when primary datacenter have outage we cant manage ESXi and vm on 2 other datacenter. What is the best to solve this

    Have vCenter for each datacenter?. Do I need multi site SSO (additonal Vcenter new site option 3)?linked mode ?
    Have vCenter for each datacenter? stand alone SSO for first vCenter?

    Thank you,


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