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  1. Shawn
    Shawn at |

    As a VCI I welcome VMware expanding into the arena of more training and certification options, however, the reality is that the Expert-level certifications will only ever apply to a very small percentage of the VMware administrator ranks.

    Any word from VMware Learning on what type of a training/certification track will be available for the NSX product from the ground-up?

  2. egrigson
    egrigson at |

    I can see the value in an expert level certification but it won’t do anything to help adoption. VMware have been criticised for not making NSX more readily available already. The message coming out of VMware seems to be ‘NSX is awesome, but very hard to get right’ – which to most companies equates to a high risk.

  3. Hari
    Hari at |

    Vmware is going with wrong Strategy and message to the customers & Partners on NSX.
    They have restricted Downloads of NSX, vCAC and vCNS which are the major Components of SDDC. They have also restricted the training.

    They should allow the downloads as well as publish a evaluation/Test guide so that everybody can practice on there home labs or Remote labs. With this people will start learning the concepts.They should also immediately come out with Training at all levels to spread the skill sets.

    What vmware can do is right now to restrict the selling of NSX to some specialised partners only. In this way they can be assured that NSX implementation will go as per Vmware Guidelines.

    This is the strategy which all vendors follow. They allow training as well as downloads of there high end products but restrict the selling of those high end products to specialised partners only.

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  7. Ray
    Ray at |

    Hello Chris, first thanks for share your knowledge wit us, second for a mortal person like me what you consider the adequate to start learning/read towards get the base, and later be an expert in NSX? CCNA perhaps? CCNP?? I have a VCAP level knowledge and as many people NSX is a such interesting technology from VMware to make career on.


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