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  3. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    Excellent guide. Almost like a lab :).

  4. Alessandro
    Alessandro at |

    Good explanation of permission in Esx 🙂

  5. Mike Medrano
    Mike Medrano at |

    Nice article!

  6. nkorte1
    nkorte1 at |

    Thanks for the post.

  7. Yuri Mendoza
    Yuri Mendoza at |

    It good to know that you have to manage the user permissions once NSX Manager gets installed. So you know exactly who has permissions on the NSX management.

  8. Rahim
    Rahim at |

    Good explanation.. Just like permission on vcenter

  9. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    Noted your note about granting access to users instead of AD groups.

  10. Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas at |

    Thx for the step by step tutorial great info

  11. Lalit
    Lalit at |

    Nice Post

  12. Wali
    Wali at |

    Great post Chris, but i still have that confusion between the NSX Administrator role and the Enterprise Administrator role, may u clarify that please, what NSX Enterprise admin does NSX admin cants do?

  13. Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker at |

    Thanks for the series. Good walkthrough as I am prepping for my own install/lab.

  14. Shawn Logan (@ShawnLo)
    Shawn Logan (@ShawnLo) at |

    Thanks! Really appreciate the better understanding of the roles!

  15. andynashers
    andynashers at |

    Nice article and explanation on the user roles

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    […] that AD authentication was working. After some Googling, I came across Chris Wahl’s blog for Assigning NSX User Permissions. He notes that you must include the vCenter service account in the […]

  17. Kim Bottu
    Kim Bottu at |

    tnx Chris

  18. Working With NSX - Deploying NSX Manager - Wahl Network

    […] NSX Manager is now up and running and ready to do your bidding. The next section focuses on Assigning User Permissions. […]

  19. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    Damn, i have done the same thing, but my user has no Managers listed. SSO link is up and user is added to permissions…

    1. Bryan
      Bryan at |

      My issue was i needed by user added in NSX Permissions using DOMAIN\USERNAME format. I had FQDN\USERNAME

  20. Brian Lee Foster
    Brian Lee Foster at |

    Thanks Chris!

  21. Learn NSX  Day 4 : NSX Roles – Stephen Hackers Blog

    […] good article and guide on how to assign users permissions I used was “Working with NSX – Assigning User Permissions” WAHL […]

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