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  5. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    The RESTful API could be useful for NMS integrations. Good.

  6. Alessandro
    Alessandro at |

    very well explained with examples that clarify much. thank you very much

  7. nkorte1
    nkorte1 at |

    Straight forward example. Thanks for the post Chris.

  8. Rahim
    Rahim at |

    nice tuto

  9. Yuri Mendoza
    Yuri Mendoza at |

    Really like your step by step approach so we can understand it better. Thanks

  10. Geoff Neish
    Geoff Neish at |

    Thanks for the information

  11. Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas at |

    great post, thx for the info

  12. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    Great post, thanks for the info.

  13. Raymundo Escobar
    Raymundo Escobar at |

    question man, where is the reference (documentation) to vCenter MOB to identify the ID’s to use them in the rest client to use POST on NSX API? I mean to read the source.


  14. Raymundo Escobar
    Raymundo Escobar at |

    I fund txs!

  15. Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker at |

    Like the tip on the MOB viewer!

  16. andynashers
    andynashers at |

    Another useful step by step guide from chris

  17. poojitha
    poojitha at |

    I get this error:
    The requested object : ippool could not be found. Object identifiers are case sensitive

    Could you please tell me what might be the reason

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