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  1. Jason Turner
    Jason Turner at |

    Can you tell us what controller they have used? It seems as though they haven’t felt it necessary to share that information within their specs sheet: http://www.synology.com/en-us/products/spec/DS414slim

  2. Rurik Wilmot
    Rurik Wilmot at |

    I would like to see how the array handles a drive failure when under load [testing OLTP workloads]

  3. derk
    derk at |

    If only it had an Atom chip inside instead of ARM…

  4. Anton
    Anton at |

    that’s why I bought ds412+: normal linux inside + intel

  5. Bill Naert
    Bill Naert at |

    Just a heads up about those drives – Looks like they are not running the same NAND that they were initially released with.


  6. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    Is this little unit good for hosting a few vms for a two node (whitebox shuttle) cluster??
    My lab is to study for official 2012r2 test and to better learn vmware for work, probably prep for exam after 2012 too. Or would I be best to stick to the + models. The SFF is just awesome

  7. Jeff Bruderly
    Jeff Bruderly at |

    Just ordered one of these w/ 4 120GB SSD drives.

  8. joe blue
    joe blue at |

    Any benchmarks coming?

  9. Hoss
    Hoss at |

    Your setup is only as fast as your slowest component. In the case of an all flash array, the bottleneck will be your network, not the array.


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