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  1. Chris Weis
    Chris Weis at |

    Spot on. It’s all about shifting bottlenecks, or what I referred to as “Storage Performance Whack-A-Mole” in a recent blog post (below.) Now that we have SSDs, we’re seeing all sorts of other bottlenecks show up. Time for innovation.


  2. Heath
    Heath at |

    Great article, I’m having to hit the middle ground in performance for homelab storage with 1TB of family photos and movies in addition to my virtual machines. I’m currently looking at running FreeNAS with L2ARC and ZIL on individual SSDs plus some 2TB SATA as a compromise between performance and capacity. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to split the SSD and spinning disk into different pools for different purposes.

  3. Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday at |

    Totally agree Chris, for me it’s the performance of my current disks trying to spin up my homelab. I don’t care if I’m limited to only running so many VM’s at one time, as long as it’s enough for the task at hand. And I don’t expect to get 50k IOPS out of it as the box suggests either, I just want it to be faster than my spinning disks 🙂
    I think now the price per GB is much more appealing which makes running SSD in your homelab more practical. What I would like to see is some innovation in SSD caching at the consumer level, e.g. if VMware Workstation supported some kind of vFRC with an SSD device to offload reads from a traditional spindle NAS would be great.

  4. Renato
    Renato at |

    on a separate note: a box like synology DS1813+ that can do iSCSI (if you go this route you will be taking advantages of the VAAI enable capabilities, again we are talking home labs… components do move around, copy, testing, etc)… why wouldnt i want a VAAI enable box?

    back to the DS1813+ … able to slap 2x120GB SSD on R1 and make then use for an array CACHE (R1 so it can be a READ/WRITE cache), along side with 4x3TB on a R10 … suddenly the home lab workloads find a sweet spot. I assume minimum 3 hosts…

    my killer question: if i were to shift the workload to the hosts themselves… think VSAN… i guess the constrains now are on the licensing of whatever servers you have at home… i can get cheaper SAS HDDs off ebay but my HP Proliant 360 G6 require licensing for SAS drives (SSD are ok tho)… seems if i move the combo of SSD+NL-SAS form the synology to the hosts itself… i am saving on network throughput?


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  6. Eric
    Eric at |

    I run 5-8 machines off a desktop i5 with SSD and 32GB of RAM and it outperforms most of our clients servers by a long shot.


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