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  1. Andy Konecny
    Andy Konecny at |

    Those links you’ve listed do not lead to patches to enabling the higher cyphers for Windows XP. All my hunting to date has not found any such beasts despite misleading posts such as yours. It is a real rude shock to have a simple patch to ESXi or vSphere suddenly, brutally, without any real warning, stops XP from managing them. Just like many development groups hitting the big cut off of many previously supported methodologies with the introduction of Windows Vista. Suddenly more than 20 years worth of internal code now had to be rebuilt, much of it from the ground up despite how mission critical it all was. The process is still very much on going, and that is a big reason of why there is still so much Windows XP used in production and will be for years yet to come. Businesses are getting increasingly frustrated at the forced upgrade cycles that generally don’t have a benefit for all the existing processes that only need to be upgraded due to force obsolescence by the software vendors. Businesses are pushing back and these harsh cut offs are harming the reputations of those vendors such as Microsoft and vmWare making them.

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    […] Windows 2003 and vSphere Refuse to handshake This article is quite useful if you are doing ‘big’ upgrades since it is possible to have an upgrade be successful but yet appear to be not successful when you try to access the new vSphere infrastructure.  I did in fact see this issue once.  So it is good that we have this article. […]

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