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  1. Newsletter: August 31, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] vSphere Replication bandwidth with PowerCLI This is a pretty handy script for setting bandwidth limits on VR, but even if you are not into that, I suggest – if you use […]

  2. VMworld 2014 Roundup: Day 4 - T.B.D.

    […] a bit to be desired as the admin has to manually change the limits. Chris Wahl has put together a PowerCLI script that will all you to control the traffic limit value. This is especially helpful if you want to […]

  3. chanaka
    chanaka at |

    hi Chris ,

    I have a question about the script. Lets say we have limit the bandwidth to 1 mbps on office hours to save the WAN link bandwidth. As I know the vsphere replication uses the ESXi hosts vmk0 interface to send the traffic to the DR site VR appliance. so When we limiting the bandwidth of the vmk0 interface how does it affect to the vsphere HA heart beat traffic ?? .



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  5. Tester
    Tester at |

    Well, script not working but close, we get “A limit of Mbps has been set on Replication”, somehow not passing the amount, such as 20.

    Any tips? Tried different ways below.

    PowerCLI C:\scripts> .\replication “vcsahq1.kembacu.org” “Replication” 200
    A limit of Mbps has been set on Replication

    PowerCLI C:\scripts> .\replication vcsahq1.kembacu.org Replication 50
    A limit of Mbps has been set on Replication

  6. Vibhor Mathpal
    Vibhor Mathpal at |

    Hello, VRA is not utilizing underlying infrastructure. We have 10gbps uplinks ,1gig link between source and destination NIOC is set to high for VR traffic, but still we get avg transmit data rate 2.5mbps. Though checked read cmd/s and its value goes upto 1300. No latency reported as DAVG/s is not going more than 20ms. Please suggest what tweaking can be done to increase transmit rate.


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