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  1. Charles Morin
    Charles Morin at |

    This is great news! I was frustrated to learn the to-be-only web client was so limited. There must be a way to allow the web client to connect directly to an ESXi host.

  2. TinkerTry IT @ home | A simple upgrade to VMware vSphere Client 5.5 U2 regains your ability to edit hardware version 10 VMs, even without vSphere Web Client

    […] vSphere Client 5.5 U2 offers Restricted Edit of Hardware Version 10 VMs […]

  3. Gareth Lewis
    Gareth Lewis at |

    Great post! About time this was incorporated into the client until the web client can ‘do it all’.

  4. Glendon Lowder
    Glendon Lowder at |

    I’ve been successful in using the 5.5 U2 vSphere client to edit vmx10 vm’s as well. It’s not full vCenter functionality (not that anyone is saying it is) but it’s better than having the vm painted into a corner…


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