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  1. nullvector (@nullvector)
    nullvector (@nullvector) at |

    Had this same issue when trying to add VLAN to vNIC templates A/B for a VMware template. The VLAN was not configured on the Uplink port on the FIC, and caused this same issue.

  2. Jakub Kmiecik
    Jakub Kmiecik at |

    I was tackling with this issue today. Initially I configured an appliance port and assigned to it a VLAN created in LAN -> Appliances. Warning message was quite clear so I came up what is the problem. It is a pity that even 4 years later UCSM 4.0 is not smart enough to automatically replicate VLAN created in LAN -> Appliances to LAN Cloud. From another point of view, it is limitation that we can not enclose storage array – server connectivity under Fabric Interconnects.


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