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  1. Joshua Post
    Joshua Post at |

    I am not a fan of the expiring of their certifications at all and think versioning is the way to go. That being said, being able to take a delta exam is better than doing the entire exam again, and I’m not going to be going to the next level of certification. I have certs from other vendors to keep up with and to have to re-take an exam I already passed just because they want more money, rather than a new product has been released is silly to me.

  2. Thomas Feely
    Thomas Feely at |

    I’m not sure whether this is what you’re looking for in regards to expiration, but if you check your e-certificate you should see a “valid through” date; might have always been there but I’m not so sure.

    My Cert “valid through” date seems to coincide with point 6 (my expiry is March 10th 2015) on https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=46667&ui=www_cert#faq as it was taken before March 10th 2013. Otherwise I assume as noted it will be 2 years after date of taking exam for any VCP exam taken after

  3. Jake Parks (@jakeparks)
    Jake Parks (@jakeparks) at |

    I share your frustration. I see very little reason to update the VCP to 5.5 vs. 5 or 5.1 as far as actual value to me as a customer/user when a new full number version is around the corner. The expiration just doesn’t make any sense. I already have my VCAP DCA and DCD for 5 so that’s not even an option. If they want more money, I’d be much happier with more certification options, like product specific certifications for things like vCAC or vCO.

  4. Mike
    Mike at |

    If the exam is delivered online, how are they stopping people from using the internet/documentation to get the answers? Or am I missing something

  5. Sketch
    Sketch at |

    Ridiculous certification is ridiculous… It ALMOST seems as if VMware (EMC) doesn’t actually CARE what most (if not all) of ‘us’ think. I’ll just take this time ‘gap’ to pursue RHEV or Citrix certs. My employer already knows I have my 5 certs. Take it as a sign that its time to ‘diversify’ your certifications.

  6. Mike Laak (@mlaakness)
    Mike Laak (@mlaakness) at |

    I argued the same point since the first day the re-certification was announced…specifically when you are certified on a version number. I see this as nothing but a money grab.

  7. Gene Torres
    Gene Torres at |

    So by taking this, does it push back the expiration date for your cert? If not, then I see it as a waste, really. The whole expiration thing bugs me, because it’s not like everyone is going to immediately jump to 6 all at once….

  8. Usman
    Usman at |

    1st. if you need to expire date of certificate download pdf version of your certificate.

    2nd. Recertification is just like Cisco and Microsoft.

  9. heathbarj (@heathbarj)
    heathbarj (@heathbarj) at |

    Interesting that my newly minted VCAP-DCA cert does not have an expiration date on it but all of my VCP-DCV certs do. Does the forced expiration only apply to VCP?

  10. Steffen Oezcan
    Steffen Oezcan at |

    Hey Chris, may the community should read the terms and conditions of the delta exam very carefully (not as I did, doh). The thing is that the VCP550D only counts as a recertification for people who took the VCP510 exam (5.0- or 5.1-based). People who already passed the regular VCP550 (5.5-based) are not eligible to recertify with the delta exam.
    I already passed both VCP510 and the beta of VCP550, but did not read the terms & conditions too detailed before doing the delta exam. Now I was told in my case with VMware Certification, that I wont be recertified after successfully passing the delta exam. Thats really… what can I say. Spent the exam fee and my time, but still need to do ANOTHER exam to recertify? If that is the thanks we get for participating in beta exams, then this was my last time participating in a beta exam. I also do not understand at all why VCP550 holders can not recertify with this exam. My current knowledge gets tested another time with this exam. If I pass, I pass, so I know that stuff. Why are VCP550-takers treated worse than someone passing the VCP510 just after 5.0 came out several years ago and now doing an delta exam? Totally doesnt make sense to me. I get sanctioned for keeping up and need to pay more than someone who only certifies every so often. May VMware should give it a second thought (already opened my case with Certification and pushed within Education, as I am a VCI and pretty mad atm ;)).

  11. Jason Boche (@jasonboche)
    Jason Boche (@jasonboche) at |

    As someone who believes most technical certifications are beneficial and relevant, VMware seems to be turning this process into nothing short of a circus. With all the fuss, you’d think we’re talking about gapping a CCIE, VCDX, or higher level certification here. For a VCP level exam, I find this overly complex and unnecessary. Although I sat the VCP5.0 exam 3 or more years ago, I’m covered for now by the VCAP5-DCA November 2013. Hopefully the version 6 exams are out by this time or earlier next year.

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