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  1. Edward Grigson
    Edward Grigson at |

    Nice writeup Chris. Have you ever used DNS ALIAS entries for another level of abstraction, rather than the actual hostname (ie use vCenter.yourdomain even if the hostname is vc01.yourdomain)? That way even if you change the hostname or IP address other services (such as Veeam) don’t need a change. You’d have to generate your SSL certs accordingly obviously.

    I’ve done this for quite a few (non-vSphere) services over the years but haven’t tried it with vCenter specifically.

  2. oscar
    oscar at |

    Thanks for all your hard work Chris, i do have a question though. I have a very similar lab and since my hosts are next to each other i use one of nics in each and attach them directly to each other for vmotion, this has worked out very well for me. can you see any downsides to that. It also frees up ports on my v1910

  3. oscar
    oscar at |

    Chris, can you post an update to how your confguring LAGG for 5.5 or is the same as your older video?

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