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  1. Working with NSX - Configuring VXLAN and VTEPs - Wahl Network

    […] That’s it for this post! At this point, all of the “guts” of NSX are configured and we can begin creating logical switches, routers, firewalls, or whatever else strikes our fancy. The next section focuses on Creating NSX API Calls with PowerShell. […]

  2. NSX Link-O-Rama | vcdx133.com

    […] Part 6 – Working with NSX – Creating NSX API Calls with PowerShell by Chris Wahl […]

  3. Accessing NSX API from Powershell | SOSTech

    […] and header settings to configure when calling the NSX REST API from Powershell I came across a post on Chris Wahl’s blog that included a function that already had all that worked into it. It didn’t take much to […]

  4. vsenguel
    vsenguel at |

    Great article, so i can bind the NSX to our Tools 😉

  5. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    Your script repository contains a lot of really useful stuff :). Thanks.

  6. Mike Medrano
    Mike Medrano at |

    This is a nice article. Although, it would be much better if had chosen other background color on the demo/screenshot. But still is a good resource!
    Great work.

  7. nkorte1
    nkorte1 at |

    Thank you for the link to your script repository, this will be getting lots of use.

  8. Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas at |

    thx for the info and the script

  9. Geoff Neish
    Geoff Neish at |

    Thanks for sharing that scipt.

  10. Yuri Mendoza
    Yuri Mendoza at |

    For those Powershell guys this is a neet alternative

  11. Ravi Venkatasubbaiah
    Ravi Venkatasubbaiah at |

    Thanks for sharing your scripts repository, Chris!!

  12. vervoortjurgen
    vervoortjurgen at |

    nice script

  13. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    Thanks again!

  14. Alessandro
    Alessandro at |

    Very good 🙂

  15. ScoZell
    ScoZell at |

    Another useful script. Thanks!

  16. Mohammed Sadiq
    Mohammed Sadiq at |

    That saves a lot of time . Thanks .

  17. NSX Bytes: API Response Times and User Accounts - VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE!
  18. andynashers
    andynashers at |

    Powershell for nsx whatever next, it just gets better!

  19. Udaya
    Udaya at |

    Very informative, thanks for sharing.

  20. Rajesh Gundeti
    Rajesh Gundeti at |

    Good that we have powershell for nsx.

  21. Gathering VMware NSX Info via API | That... Could Be A Problem...

    […] regarding using Powershell to do API calls with NSX to both gather controller information (Creating NSX API Calls with PowerShell – Wahl Network) and create/remove virtual network tiers (Leveraging PowerShell to Deploy Virtual Network Tiers […]

  22. VMware NSX PowerShell Installation

    […] i would like to Thanks Chris Wahl for posting some excellent stuff posts on how to access the NSX API’s using powershell, Chris Wahl GIT HUB Code i used a similar way as he had posted on his blog to access the API via […]

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