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  3. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    So finally I can get rid of some of my networking gear and replace it with NSX.

  4. Alessandro
    Alessandro at |

    I put your blog in my favorites:-)

  5. Amit
    Amit at |

    Useful Information

  6. Andres Rojas
    Andres Rojas at |

    Nice way to “fix the problem someone created” 🙂
    thx for the post!

  7. Yuri Mendoza
    Yuri Mendoza at |

    Nice explanation. and it seems easy to configure and work with. need to try it out for myself.

  8. Ravi Venkatasubbaiah
    Ravi Venkatasubbaiah at |

    Very useful post, Chris!!

  9. vervoortjurgen
    vervoortjurgen at |

    nice blog post

  10. Lalit
    Lalit at |

    very good post

  11. Zsolt Pamuki
    Zsolt Pamuki at |

    You should publish your stuff as a book. Printing every page as PDF is too work intensive :).

  12. ScoZell
    ScoZell at |

    A valuable series!

  13. Mohammed Sadiq
    Mohammed Sadiq at |

    Hard Work .

  14. Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker at |

    Love it: Someone Broke my VTEP! It is usually me!

  15. andynashers
    andynashers at |

    Good blog nice fix with the force-sync configuration one to remember

  16. Rajesh Gundeti
    Rajesh Gundeti at |

    useful information

  17. Ajay Gulani
    Ajay Gulani at |

    HI, I’ve been working with NSX for a while, I don’t understand why there is an option for selecting a control plane mode for logical switch when you also set a control plane mode for your transport zone.
    Documentation says that you can choose a different mode for your logical switch from what is set in the TZ. so is it possible to select unicast mode in the TZ but multicast mode in the logical switch? what are some of the use cases for this?

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