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  1. Mark
    Mark at |

    Hi Chris,

    In your video you said don’t just reboot them within ESXI, that won’t work, but in the post you mention using vSphere’s maintenance mode options. Do you mean put them in maintenance mode via vSphere, and then use UCS Manager to reboot?

  2. Some Dude
    Some Dude at |

    You actually don’t even need to update the vnic templates to account for the greater MTU. Simply increasing the QoS system class MTU will allow you to pass jumbo frames to/from/between blades.

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    It’s also really important to remember that adjusting the MTU for any of the other CoS (Platinum, Gold, etc.) and using them on a vNIC also means your upstream switches must have the same CoS set to allow jumbo frames. Some applications require it on UCS, such as Cisco Unified Communication requiring the use of Platinum. This probably doesn’t matter for NSX since it will be handling network QoS in software, but it’s something I’ve seen bite people many times (myself included) in UCS implementations.

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    […] The Impacts of Adjusting QoS Priorities and MTU Values in Cisco UCS by Chris Wahl – NEW! […]

  5. nkorte1
    nkorte1 at |

    Is there going to be any NSX for Flexpod architecture down the road? Flexpod has been great and would love to see these capabilities come down the road.

  6. Alessandro
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    Excellent example

  7. Mike Medrano
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    Nice video and clear article.
    Good work!

  8. Amit
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    Very Nice Example

  9. Andres Rojas
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    Great info !, thx for the explanation on the QoS

  10. Ravi Venkatasubbaiah
    Ravi Venkatasubbaiah at |

    I will be deploying UCS soon, this will be quite helpful!!

  11. vervoortjurgen
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    thank you for the info

  12. ScoZell
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    This is such a good series that I have referenced during my POC! Thanks!

  13. Raymundo Escobar
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    thanks sir for sharing.


  14. Rajesh Gundeti
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    Thank you

  15. Udaya
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    Very informative, well written article .

  16. EA64
    EA64 at |

    Thanks for the write up and video Chris! As for the vDS side, I want to make sure all DSCP markings are allowed Ingress/Egress. I’ve enabled “Traffic filtering and marking” and created a rule to allow Ingress/Egress. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.


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