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  1. Mike Pagán
    Mike Pagán at |

    I like the idea of using the dust covers in different colors to identify different vlans. Sometimes, people are to lazy to look at the config or not able to and if they knew that they needed to plug workstations into green ports, and servers into blue ports then it might save time troubleshooting. Not necessary in datacenters, but could be handy in remote offices or for SMB managed services accounts.

  2. Theo Merian (@tsmerian)
    Theo Merian (@tsmerian) at |

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m putting those marker ties in my cart right now 🙂

  3. stevenljjohnson
    stevenljjohnson at |

    I know its a bit overkill but I invested in some patchsee cabling for my home lab. cheekily I applied for the demo kit first as it gives you a torch for free, but now I don’t need to worry about which cable I am about to remove because I can check it without removing it…….and I like red flashing lights.

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  5. Gammal Sokk
    Gammal Sokk at |

    Shame that R.J. doesn’t ship those dustcovers to Norway, they look great!


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