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  1. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    Have you looked into running multiple VLANs on the Synology boxes? I find it irritating that they don’t support multiple VLANs in DSM (web gui). I haven’t really tested from CLI. What I would like to do is have a seperate VLAN for iSCSI and/or NFS that are for ESXi storage … to get the lab environment to be even more like a production environment..

    Any thoughs or links to such a (manual?) setup?

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    You can have one VLAN per network adapter, but not more than that. I wanted to run iSCSI over a different VLAN too, but after spending a few hours on it, I gave up. Not possible.

  3. Simon Sparks
    Simon Sparks at |

    Do you have a speed test of before and after the Dynamic LACP configuration ?

  4. Ellwood Saurbaugh
    Ellwood Saurbaugh at |

    Do you have all the interfaces per Diskstation in one switch, or do you spread it out across both your switches for redundancy? If you have it across both switches, would you need a LAG in each switch per diskstation?

  5. Mark
    Mark at |

    Hi Chris! I am currently in the process of considering switching from iSCSI to NFS on my Synology box. Quick question: what did you use for your NIC teaming policy on the NFS port group (e.g. route on the physical NIC load, MAC hash, or something else)? I guess I’m still a bit confused on how to set up the network the right way since I’m coming from iSCSI where multipathing seemed more straightforward. I would just go right for NFS 4.1 since I’m on vSphere 6, but Synology still doesn’t have the support for it. Thanks!

  6. Mark Ambrefe
    Mark Ambrefe at |

    I know you are not a fan of iSCSI but can you connect the Synology boxes the same way with dynamic LAGs if you were to use iSCSI MPIO? I know this is a no go on the ESXi host end but I guess I’m a bit confused on how to set the NICs up on the NAS end, whether LAGs are still okay, if you should break the ports into multiple subnets like other vendors recommend, or something else.


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