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  1. Derek Seaman
    Derek Seaman at |


    I completely agree with judicial usage of ephemeral port groups. In my VCDX design submission I had a couple of “emergency” ephemeral PGs, one for servers and one for our VDI. During an unplanned datacenter outage they can in handy as we lost one ESXi host, and with the emergency PGs I could bring up VMs prior to vCenter without issue. Life saver!

    Derek VCDX #125

  2. Jason Boche (@jasonboche)
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    The jungle came alive and took him!

  3. GS Khalsa
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    I ain’t got time to bleed

  4. stutsmansoft
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    If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  5. jasonventresco
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    Get to the choppa!

  6. rnelson0
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    Stick around!

  7. Rick Schlander
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    Something is out there, and it ain’t no man

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  11. Raj Navalgund
    Raj Navalgund at |

    Hi Chrish,

    How do we add this option in our existing environment, which is using the static binging,( do we need any down time) as recently I got multiple times my vcenter down.

    [email protected]

  12. Basavaraj Navalgund
    Basavaraj Navalgund at |

    Thank you Chris for you suggestion/s and helped me lot as, we have many VMware infra network to handle.

  13. Pietro Piutti
    Pietro Piutti at |

    Thanks Chris, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to recover vCenter or other management VMs. But what if we wanted to push this further to vmkernel interfaces? Would you recommend permanently connecting vmk0 (mgmt) to an ephemeral portgroup or preparing an ephemeral backup PG just it in case?

  14. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    Great article, I never comment on blogs but this was informative and to the point.


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