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  1. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    Looks “that easy” Chris. Quick run through 🙂
    It could be debated if it would be better to actually have an internally working network (get DHCP lease) even if internet is down… (merkat is dead/down). Makes it easier to do some level of troubleshooting.. instead of having to set static IPs; not that it’s difficult, but still.. It boils down to design I guess.

    I just saw some missing info though – you are invoking “JobVars.ps1” but you don’t say what’s in the file.. I presume variable(s) for this script, like at least $DNSServers, $DNSServersDC1 and $DNSServersDC2 since I can’t find any reference to that variable elsewhere in the gistfile.ps1

  2. Bill
    Bill at |

    Why not both? Put half the range on the Meraki and half on the DC so they are redundant for each other?


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