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  1. Angelo Luciani
    Angelo Luciani at |

    Congrats Buddy – Awesome move and looking forward to helping anyway I can 🙂

  2. paulbraren
    paulbraren at |

    Couldn’t be more happy for you, congratulations! Time to follow @rubrikInc https://twitter.com/rubrikInc

    1. Teren Bryson (@SomeClown)
      Teren Bryson (@SomeClown) at |

      Congratulations on the move! Hopefully this keeps the blood moving, the motivation coming, and the winds at your back. Sounds exciting.

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  4. Dawn Johnson (@sundene)
    Dawn Johnson (@sundene) at |

    I am, as always, extremely proud of you. I would wish you luck but you were never a kid who needed that – you always made your own.

  5. Doug Baer
    Doug Baer at |

    Congratulations! We expect more great things from you… and Rubrik

  6. Mike Aossey
    Mike Aossey at |

    Congratulations Chris!

  7. David Davis (@davidmdavis)
    David Davis (@davidmdavis) at |

    Congrats Chis! Your passion and energy will take you far! Rubrik is luck to have you! Say… what’s the URL to watch that funny video of you again talking buzzword bingo? (I was laughing loudly in my office)

    All the best to you!

  8. rpminfosys
    rpminfosys at |

    congratulations great job

  9. Elver S.S.
    Elver S.S. at |

    I go without decent Internet for a few days and you go land a new job. Congrats.

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  11. Dawn Johnson (@sundene)
    Dawn Johnson (@sundene) at |

    Well THAT was beyond awesome! Sharing.

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  14. Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller at |

    Purely FYI that there’s a bit of link rot (no surprise in over a year) – two of the links go to 503 on the Rubrik site.

    “Building an Infinitely Scalable Time Machine” and “Customer Perspectives: Nothing is as Easy as Rubrik”. I was able to get the correct links via the power of Google but figured might want to update.


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