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  1. Karl
    Karl at |

    I am too security conscious to trust a copy of my NAS data on any public cloud. The cost of the storage and bandwidth is still too great in Canada. That but the real deal breaker is the 6Mbps upload rate, no thanks to Shaw Cable. Uploading 5TB of data @ 5Mbps (to be reasonable) would take 88 days… Until Internet speeds greatly improve off-site backup isn’t an option for me. I would need to take physical backups and store them off-site. 🙁

  2. gabicava83
    gabicava83 at |

    Karl, I totally concur with you.

    Automatically backing up offsite to either the “cloud” or another device else where if you can get good speeds is great for DR/BR.

    For most home users, we really are dependant on our ISP speeds. I am currently living in Australia and my upload speed is 0.15Mbps, which is an absolute shame, can’t do much with that speed.

    I too have a Synology, 1513+ and it’s a great device, backing up to a secondary unit and then off to something like Glazier would be great, but the latter I cannot do and thus, not mitigating my risks unless I backup to disk and then take offsite just like you.

    Nevertheless, Chris thank you for this article, good to hear about your setup and how you manage this.



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  4. jantjo
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    Im running a smaller version of Chris’s but have the same issus as Karl. right now my primary storage is a 1815+, and have it sync to a 1513+. all my critical data is then sync’d to one drive. so bascily my critical stuff is aroun 30gb which is protected in thoery if somthing happens. the remaining 11tb is just duplicated to the 1513+. I did look into crashplan or backblaze but the cost to via seed drives or limited upload doesn’t make it viable to send that much data offiste. right now I just keep the 1513+ in my office and 1815+ in the server cage in the basement. may look at relocating to a buddies place.

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  6. David
    David at |

    Thanks ! Do you have versionning for your Backups? It seems that the Shared folders backup can keep only the latest version.


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