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  1. CPW
    CPW at |

    You saved my day! Thanks, works perfectly!

  2. Herb Martin
    Herb Martin at |

    Excellent (still testing if it works for *my* problem.)

    WARNING: On my DC (2008-R2) the GPO setting was name just differently enough to give trouble locating it:

    “Prevent performance of First Run Customize Settings”

    Instead of “Prevent RUNNING First Run wizard”.

    Really weird part is that when exported with GPResult on the target machines (also 2008-R2) it used the name provided in the article: “Prevent running First Run wizard”.

  3. Shiva
    Shiva at |

    You made my day! I was wrestling with this issue for hours on Friday. I noticed my PS Script that invokes a REST API endpoint worked fine under my creds on the DEV Server, but kept failing with this error when I rant it as the Service Account user.
    Turns out that this wizard was the problem, and the script was running fine under my user since I had remoted into it and opened up IE and selected the wizard setting, but didn’t do so with the service user.

    Thanks so much!


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