A Year in Review: Busting IT Silos with the Datanauts Podcast

Almost six months ago I wrote an introductory post announcing the Datanauts Podcast, a show focused on modern data center design coupled with mixing technical silos. With 2015 drawing to a close, I’m really pleased to share that we’ve managed to release 19 shows that cover a wide range of topics. This is, in fact, where I’ve directed a fair bit of my time usually spent writing blog posts. I find that talking to various technical wizards across silos is quite stimulating, rewarding, and helps in my quest to remain ever vigilant when it comes to seeing which technologies are being absorbed in today’s data centers. And it’s fun to share these conversations with the world!

Thus far, feedback on the show has been excellent. It’s also a pleasure to record with my co-host, Ethan Banks, as he is a really snazzy gentleman who has been creating excellent shows at the Packet Pushers for over half a decade. We originally met at Cisco Live 2013 and wanted to make a weekly show specifically for technical professionals who were looking to expand their horizons across skill sets as it relates to data center design, architecture, and engineering.

Cisco Live 2013 - we're a very social bunch.
Cisco Live 2013 – we’re a very social bunch.

We’ve now released our 19th Datanauts show focused on PowerShell Automation. However, there’s a large variety of topics and I really think you’ll enjoy many of the shows and guests we’ve put together for you. Here’s a few that came to the top of my head when writing this post:

I’m really pleased with the amount of effort we’ve been able to carve out and invest into this show, and it’s great to see the Packet Pushers network expand beyond hardcore networking knowledge to encompass more pieces and parts of the data center. Other shows that you can find on their channel include: The Weekly ShowThe Network Break, Priority Queue, and Citizens of Tech. As always, if you have comments or input into the show, I’m all ears.

We’re really jazzed up about 2016 and plan to produce a ton of great shows. The goal is one per week each Wednesday. Like the show? Tell a friend! Tell two friends! Both Ethan and I really appreciate all of our listeners and hope you have a great holiday season. 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Andrey Pogosyan (@Andrey_Po)
    Andrey Pogosyan (@Andrey_Po) at |

    Keep up the great work guys! Love the podcasts!

  2. David Pasek
    David Pasek at |

    I’m Packet Pushers listener several years and there was always great content. However Datanauts shows are my favorites now. Probably because I’m virtualization guy trying to understand networking as much as possible. Thank you Chris and Ethan so much for your effort and good luck in 2016!

  3. Damon
    Damon at |

    This is easily my favorite podcast to listen to now. Great job guys and I’m looking forward to learning more from your upcoming shows.

  4. Bode
    Bode at |

    Hi Chris,
    I enjoy listening to your podcasts on the way to work every day! (all the way from the UK)
    Really loved the recent home labs and the introduction of Docker podcats. Definitely a thumbs up!

  5. carolyn
    carolyn at |

    Great job guys

  6. Prashant
    Prashant at |

    Good podcast Chris! One of the few that breaks down complex stuff in an easy to understand manner, although a lot of it still goes over my head 🙂


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