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  1. Alex López  (@CoquiPR81)

    Thx for this write up Chris! I meant to ask you more about this when we met briefly at VMworld 2015. I am considering the MX64W…I would love the full security license (with IDS/IPS support) but that is just too pricey. I and curious as to which license you’ve purchased for your device and the cost for that license?

    1. RERobbins (@RER_iTinker)
      RERobbins (@RER_iTinker) at |

      Thanks for the background Chris. I’ve been very happy with my Untangle box. I purchased a small appliance from Nexgen Appliances. Mine is a dual-Intel NIC Jetway fanless mini-pc box with a quad core Intel Celeron N2930. Until recently I was able to live happily with the free modules. The cost for the licensed modules was a bit off-putting for home lab use. But I now find the need for an IPSec connection. Just as I was about to throw in the towel on the Untangle for the cost concerns you described I noticed that Untangle now offers a home license for the complete suite that’s hard to beat. $5/month $50/year $140/3-years or $200/5-years.

      My current challenge is to extend my home lab environment into an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud. The Untangle IPSec module doesn’t appear to be a simple dance partner for AWS IPSec. I’m currently trouble shooting the connection and am not yet ready to give up. If I fail I will either look to run the Untangle behind another router that provides more seamless integration with AWS IPSec or I might just replace the Untangle box with something else, which is why I’m really curious about your experiences with the Meraki. I note that the Meraki doesn’t appear on the list of devices shown by AWS as being known to work well with AWS IPSec and for which Amazon provides configuration detail. Do you have any experience using the Meraki to connect with an AWS VPC?

  2. Chris Conlan
    Chris Conlan at |

    I’m still a huge supporter of Sophos. If you are fine using your own hardware then you can use their full firewall for free for home use (physical and/or virtual). I actually run my Sophos firewall as a VM so hardware isn’t an issue since I’m already using the same for my other VM’s.

    If you want a physical box, then they have that as welll, but then you will run into more of a cost.

    I tried Meraki’s out before Sophos and I didn’t like that the box is basically dead if you don’t renew the subscriptions (doesn’t even just become a straight stateful firewall), no shell access, limited troubleshooting tools, etc.

    I will give them credit with the integration with the Systems Manager agent for visibility into clients.

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  4. Scott Deleeuw
    Scott Deleeuw at |

    Great blog, thank you! I also use Untangle on a $50/year home license, and have it for my parents as well. It runs as a VM on my free ESXi server.


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