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  1. Robin
    Robin at |

    Extremely well written and helped me clarify just how to get that array of items contained with [ ] for a JSON string. Crucial step was also -Depth. Thanks!

  2. Sanjeev Sharma
    Sanjeev Sharma at |

    Excellent information. I was struggling with System.Collections.Hashtable for a couple of days till I came across this article. Thank you !

  3. Marc
    Marc at |

    Any idea how to get a JSON representation of a Hashtable such as this:
    @{Path=”C:\temp”; Filter=”*.js”}

    If you ConvertTo-Json you get
    “Path”: “C:\\temp”,
    “Filter”: “*.js”

    but if you convert that JSON back with ConvertFrom-Json you don’t get a HashTable but a PSCustomObject.


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