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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    Thanks for the post Chris. Very helpful.

    With regard to the VMUG Advantage path, what would re-upping that each year mean for a home network? If one was to setup a home ESXi cluster with vCenter for example using the evaluation licensing, what would happen at the end of the year? Would you be able to re-up your VMUG Advantage subscription and re-apply licensing of would you have to rebuild your lab from scratch with new licences?

  2. Richard Robbins
    Richard Robbins at |

    As always, thanks Chris. I started a 60 day trial some years ago and quickly decided to purchase an Essentials license. The license is perpetual, which is very nice. Recently I got the itch to go beyond what Essentials affords and went the VMUG Advantage/ Eval Experience route. I’m thrilled with how much software is readily available for me to work with in my home lab. And it all started for me when I stumbled on to this blog.

  3. andynashers
    andynashers at |

    Chris excellent round up of how to get eval licenses, I got mine from the VMware Academic Program, by completing a distance learning course at Stanly University so for $185 more info on my blog https://andynashers.wordpress.com/2016/01/14/is-this-the-cheepest-vcp-course-available

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  5. BW
    BW at |

    I’m keen on setting up a 3 node cluster at home with VSAN. Do you know if VMUG offer VSAN 6.2 licenses? Do they unlock all the features like dedupe and compression?

    Great article!

    1. richarderobbins
      richarderobbins at |

      I suspect you’d get what you want with VMUG EvalExperience license.

  6. amvpadua
    amvpadua at |

    Thanks for all the info. One question – if I don’t renew my VMUG subscription, does my home lab die? My kids have SLA requirements for the infrastructure in the house 😀

  7. Rick
    Rick at |

    I’d like to see an answer to the above question: “Thanks for all the info. One question – if I don’t renew my VMUG subscription, does my home lab die? ” I had the same question thinking what if I was unemployed and wanted to stick with my current rev in x years?

  8. Steven Mercurio
    Steven Mercurio at |

    Thx for the post! I just signed up for a subscription with the eval for 1 year. Great way to get started and get the software to learn/break/fix/explore with!


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