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  1. James Green
    James Green at |

    My MR32 is decidedly lackluster as well. I was so excited to get it, and I agree – my MX64 and MS220 are awesome. But I’m super close to ripping out the AP for the same reason – a single AP should cover my house with no problem, and I’ve been in two houses now where the signal drops to completely useless in the farther rooms. I’ve been looking hard at this AP, so thanks for the write-up!

  2. Sean Cook
    Sean Cook at |

    Curious where you mounted it? Highest point of the house or co-mingled with the home lab gear.

  3. Anton
    Anton at |

    Ubiquity are my favorite WiFi points. They are ideal if you have a house. There is also a Long-Range modification.
    If you have an apartment, I think it’ll be an overkill. Right now I have ASUS AC5300. The best router on the market, imho. It’s just a beast: never seen such fast speeds on WiFi. But again, if you have a house, Ubiquity is a way to go


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