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  1. Aaron S.
    Aaron S. at |

    Given a complex boolean logic configuration within GPP ILT, when would the logic stop being processed? Would an entire logic tree be evaluated, or would the system stop processing the logic tree when a TRUE or FALSE answer is known? Thank you for the time in responses.

  2. Aaron S.
    Aaron S. at |

    Few follow up questions:
    1) Is this documented anywhere (kb, book, etc.), or is this known through manual testing?
    2) You stated the root, that could mean in a logic tree, or it could mean towards the top of the ILT interface. An example of desired functionality, would be a collection or item would be near the top in the ILT interface that would eliminate the most number of clients (to speed up processing), then collections further down would determine the specifics of the logic needed for the GPP.
    3) Tangental topic: Is there any sense to the efficiency or speed of the logic processing? If there were over 50 items to process, would this be a performance penalty? There is a possible implementation where up to 100 AD security groups could be in a GPP ILT logic. If there is one LDAP lookup per group, there would be an average of 50 lookups per client (hopefully there is just one LDAP lookup, unsure on this still). The good part about processing the logic and dumping out when the first TRUE sequence is met, so the full logic tree doesn’t need to be evaluated. Again, thank you for your time.

  3. Calin I.
    Calin I. at |

    i have tried something similar but excljuding domain controller OU, but it is still applying as it shows at rsop.

    1. John Anderson
      John Anderson at |

      The GPO’s apply to whatever OU they are applied to. However, the ITL tells the GPO whether or not to process the individual GPPs in the GPO. The RSOP is just showing that the GPO was in fact processed.

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