The VCAP-DCA 4 Study Sheet

Update: This post is for the older VCAP4-DCA study sheet. If you want the latest one updated for vSphere 5, click here for the VCAP5-DCA study sheet!

There are numerous technical sites out on the Internet that provide all sorts of helpful study materials and knowledge transfer for the VCAP-DCA exam. To name a few, I’m a huge fan of Sean Crookston’s blog, everything on Yellow Bricks, and the posts made by Scott Lowe on his blog. While studying these resources (and others) I started keeping track of my progress using a tiny copy of the blueprint with a highlighter and pen. This made tracking my studies difficult to transport around and, well, paper sucks. My wife was nice enough to create a VCAP-DCA Blueprint Study Sheet for me to use, and I liked it so much that I’m hoping others might get some use out of it.

Click here to download the sheet

Study Sheet Format

The sheet is broken down by section and objective. Next to each objective are four boxes:

  1. Read – The objective has been researched and related material has been read over.
  2. Lab – The goal of the objective has been reproduced in a lab environment.
  3. CLI – Used to denote when an objective has been completed or researched for the CLI command, when applicable. (Such as esxcfg-vswitch for a networking objective)
  4. GUI – Used to denote when an objective has been completed or researched for the GUI, when applicable. (Such as setting a vCenter Alarm)


I hope you enjoy this study sheet and get some value out of it as I have. If you have any suggestions to make it better, please feel free to comment.